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Welcome to the InRoad project

The InRoad project (Integrated Project Development for Road Infrastructure Education) was started to develop a new intensive course programme for cross-disciplinary road infrastructure design in a digital age for higher education institutions in a global context.

We expect to develop a range of new didactic teaching tools with special focus on using a digitalised workflow and tools accordingly. These tools will be handled and described regarding their core engineering theory and methods and also communicative demands.

The outcome of the InRoad project both the developed curriculums but also the results from the assessment will be presented in other European countries and will be made available online for free to all who are interested.

The InRoad project is a collaboration between Aalborg UniversityJönköping UniversityNTNU and University of Oulu, and is funded by EU Erasmus and program for strategic partnerships for higher education.

The InRoad project runs from 01/09/2020 → 01/09/2023

Inroad webinar recording

Webinar on project results

Watch the recording and listen to project partners telling about the project results

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Webinar on project results

Watch the recording and listen to project partners telling about the project results

Project results from InRoad

Teaching activity 4 / Workshop 12-17 February 2023

The last and fourth workshop for students. 6 students participated in the workshop in Trondheim. Hosted by NTNU.

Teaching activity 3 / Workshop 17-21 October 2022

For the third time, students and teachers from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark gathered for the InRoad workshop. This time at Aalborg University.

Teaching activity 1 / Workshop 1-5 November 2021

First intensive workshop on BIM by the ICE methodology. Our first engagement with the students took place at Oulu University, Finland. Each participating university brought 5 students for a first pilot workshop of this new teaching format. Host: Oulu University

Kick-off meeting 18-20 August 2021

InRoad partners had a kick-off meeting hosted by Jönköping University.
Partners discussed and planned in detail the future activities of the project. Partners were working especially hard on the development of the curriculum for the first international BIM workshop for students.

Project partners

Project partners