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About us

We research, advice and educate with a holistic approach in the complex issues of the urban, residential and construction area. We are a part of Aalborg University and have more than 300 employees located in both Aalborg and Copenhagen.

What is behind BUILD?

Our society is facing great challenges. From climate changes to urbanisation. Challenges that require new perspectives, ideas and talents, which we can only develop by working together.

This is the idea behind BUILD and what makes our approach special.

We are a unique, professional community within the built environment.

Our professional collaboration enables us to think holistically down to the smallest detail. And that is no small matter. Because that means that our students get a holistic education that is both desired and in demand.

It ensures that our research is of international format. But never unrealistic. And it enables us to provide comprehendible answers to the sector and authorities, even in the most complex situations.

In short, the broad collaboration is our solution to tomorrow’s great challenges. For even though we at BUILD have various focuses, the goal remains the same: to build a better and more sustainable society. From Aalborg to Copenhagen. And in the rest of the world. This is the position on which we are building.