The research at The Department of the Built Environment provides knowledge and solutions to the improvement of building and the built environment, combining knowledge about users, building, city, environment, civil engineering and infrastructure. Our research is done both nationally and internationally in close collaboration with companies, organizations and public institutions in the construction sector.

Research divisions

Town, housing and property

Research groups: "Sustainable Cities and Everyday Practice", "Transformation of Housing and Places", "Universal Design and Accessibility"

Division of Town, Housing and Property


Sustainability, Energy and Indoor Environment

Research groups: "Building Informatics", "Energy and Buildings", "Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning", "Indoor Health Impacts", "Sustainability of Buildings"

Division of Sustainability, Energy and Indoor Environment

Civil Engineering and Construction Management

Research groups: "Building Physics and Construction Technology", "Construction Management", "Construction Management and Innovation", " Geotechnical Engineering", "Risk, Resilience, Safety and Sustainability of Systems", "Sustainable Structures, Materials, and Construction"

Division of Civil Engineering and Construction Management

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research groups: "Urban Pollution", "Soil Technology", "Urban Water", "Freight Transport", "Traffic", "Food, Science and Experience", "Ocean and Coastal Engineering"

Division of Civil and Environmental Engineering


The Department of the Built Environment has several laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment that are an integral part of our research, collaboration and teaching.