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Ocean and Coastal Engineering Laboratory

At the Ocean and Coastal Engineering Laboratory, we have created a modern, flexible laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment. We have more than 30 years of research experience related to physical model testing and have developed advanced model testing techniques to test ports, coastal structures, offshore structure, wave energy converters etc.


If you are interested in cooperation, experiments or software, please contact Thomas Lykke Andersen.

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Wave basin

Wave flume in Ocean and Coastal Engineering Laboratory

Wave flume

Other equipment in the laboratory

  • More than 40 resistance type wave gauges including electronics
  • Large selection of pressure transducers and load cells
  • Various equipment for measurement of flow velocities (lasers, ADV, etc.)
  • Laser profiler for automatic profiling of scour holes and surfaces of rubble mound structures
  • OptiTrack Flex 13 object tracking system
  • Step gauge for run-up measurement
  • Large selection of breakwater armour units

Water treatment system

Our water treatment system has sand filters and reuses the water. The system has automatic refilling to specified water depth and emptying of the facilities at adjustable speeds. 

Software - development and sale

We develop software for wave generation and analysis for use in wave laboratories. Among others, we have developed AwaSys (wave generation software), which is used in more than 50 laboratories worldwide, and WaveLab (wave analysis software), which is used in more than 30 laboratories worldwide.  

Read more about our software.