Division of City, Housing and Property

The Division of City, Housing and Property works with the built environment primarily on a social science basis. The core field of research is the interaction between humans and the built environment; resource consumption, cities, settlement, housing, community participation and social life.

About the Division of City, Housing and Property

The majority of our lives are spent in homes, buildings and cities, where a large part of the resource consumption - energy and materials - takes place. It affects not only the environment but also the people themselves. New geographical and social divisions of business and settlement are constantly changing the map of Denmark and creating new opportunities and tensions in society.

The constant changes in cities, homes and everyday routines presuppose the development of new knowledge about both technical possibilities, social and spatial dynamics as well as the needs and wishes of citizens. The built environment is an important element in the transformation of society into a sustainable future; a change that must take place without excluding sections of the population. The built environment must be adapted to increasing social and human diversity as well as changed everyday life. Technical solutions cannot stand alone, but must work and be developed in collaboration between citizens, authorities and companies.

The research largely takes place in collaboration with external parties and clients and is funded by both government services, ie. research-based advice to ministries, etc., Danish and foreign clients as well as research councils and EU research programs.