Division of Sustainability, Energy and Indoor Environment

The Division of Sustainability, Energy and Indoor Environment provides research, teaching and public sector services within analysis, design, construction and operation of buildings and their technical systems.

About the Division of Sustainability, Energy and Indoor Environment

We focus on an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to achieving optimal environmental design and construction of buildings and their technical systems, with particular attention to their impact on the quality of buildings usage, energy consumption, indoor climate and the surrounding environment.

The division has several laboratories used for research and teaching.


Vores laboratorier er af international standard og bruges til forskning, undervisning og konsulentopgaver. The experimental approach to the research is characteristic to a number of the engineering disciplines with which we work.
State-of-the-art measurement equipment
With our state-of-the-art measurement equipment, we can measure systems and phenomena under completely controlled conditions.
We offer companies help to study specific problems and to collaborate on research and innovation.
In our workshop, we can produce prototypes and measurement equipment ourselves for the laboratories and for field research.
Off-site research facilities
In addition to the laboratories at the department, we also have a number of off-site research facilities across the country that are also a part of our research and teaching.

Laboratories in the division

Energy and Indoor Environment of Buildings

We research within the development of new materials and building elements for lowenergy and sustainable building, new ventilation systems and the knowledge about airflows in buildings and intelligent facade solutions. We also study indoor environment and health in buildings.

IT in Buildings

We support research and teaching in the use of information technology and the building processes. We have a range of software for modelling, coordination and analysis of e.g. the building installations, location-based planning and construction and showing of models in Virtual Reality. We also have Virtual and Augmentet Reality equipment.