Division of Sustainability, Energy and Indoor Environment

About the Division of Sustainability, Energy and Indoor Environment

About the Division of Sustainability, Energy and Indoor Environment

The Division of Sustainability, Energy and Indoor Environment provides research, teaching and public sector services within analysis, design, construction and operation of buildings and their technical systems.

The Division of Sustainability, Energy and Indoor Environment focuses on an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to achieving optimal environmental design and construction of buildings and their technical systems, with particular attention to their impact on the quality of buildings usage, energy consumption, indoor climate and the surrounding environment.

The division has several laboratories used for research and teaching.

Head of division

Research groups

Building Informatics

Research in the design, integration and structuring of IT tools as well as product and process models for the construction process as a whole. The focus is on supporting model collaboration and knowledge transfer between actors in the design, construction, operation and use of buildings.

Indoor Health Impacts

Research in methods to reduce mold growth, dust mites and other moisture-related problems in buildings. Identification and remediation of buildings contaminated with PCB. The indoor environmental health effects, including chemical exposure and spread of infection, in relation to ventilation and humidity.

Energy and buildings

Research in energy-efficient buildings, the interaction between energy technologies and the building's design and operation, as well as analysis and optimization of the interaction between buildings, users, technical installations, passive and natural energy systems and the energy supply. Development and operation of tools for calculating energy consumption and indoor environment in buildings.

Sustainability of Buildings

Research in sustainability assessment of buildings and improvement of the environmental profile of buildings through the use of life cycle assessments (LCA) in the construction industry through our tool for the industry, LCAbyg. The tool supports the construction sector’s opportunities to contribute to achieving the necessary climate goals, environmental sustainability, and circular economy.

Indoor Environmental Quality and Building Systems 

Research in indoor environmental quality based on a holistic evaluation of comfort, health and well-being. Research in ventilation and airflow conditions in buildings and technical installations. Development of new technologies for ventilation, heating, cooling and air purification including control and regulation of the systems for a wide range of building types. Development and operation of the tool IEQ-compass for calculation and design of indoor environmental quality in constructions.

Affiliated laboratories

Energy and Indoor Environment of Buildings

Energy and Indoor Environment of Buildings

We research within the development of new materials and building elements for lowenergy and sustainable building, new ventilation systems and the knowledge about airflows in buildings and intelligent facade solutions. We also study indoor environment and health in buildings. 

IT in Buildings

IT in Buildings

We support research and teaching in the use of information technology and the building processes. We have a range of software for modelling, coordination and analysis of e.g. the building installations, location-based planning and construction and showing of models in Virtual Reality. We also have Virtual and Augmentet Reality equipment. 

Building Material Characterization

Building Material Characterization

The laboratory has state-of-the-art equipment to determine the thermophysical properties and the heat-air-moisture transport characteristics of materials, especially in sustainable building materials.