Urban Water

Urban Water Research Group

Head of research groups: Michael R. Rasmussen

We work with water in urban, rural and marine areas. Our focus is on the movement of water from the time when the drops are formed in the atmosphere until the water ends up in the ocean as well as the often-related transport of dissolved and particulate matters. The research group works both theoretically, experimentally and mathematically with these issues. We have extensive equipment for both field research and laboratory research. Focus is on evaluating the effects of the human-induced impact on the local urban environment and the more distant open environment.

In the past 15 years, we have also worked with atmospheric processes in especially wind and rain, and their correlation with climatic conditions in the city. As such, we have two state-of-the-art weather radars specifically built for measuring atmospheric conditions over cities. 

We are involved in a large number of national and international research and development projects ranging widely both geographically and subject wise.

Examples of research activities:

  • Nowcasting of extreme precipitation over cities.
  • Flooding modelling in cities.
  • Analysis of wind climate and microclimate in cities.
  • Warning systems for assessment of the quality of bathing water.
  • Recipient effect modelling in lakes, streams and ocean. 
  • IoT sensor systems in the urban hydrologic cycle.
  • Machine learning application in the hydrological and environmental areas.
  • Surface runoff from green areas in cities.
  • Sediment transport in marine areas.
  • Analysis of stream hydrology and morphology.
  •  Development of storm warning systems for offshore oil installations.

The research group works interdisciplinary and is often a part of collaborations concerning triple and quadruple helix models of innovation. We work both with research as well as with collaboration and implementation of new knowledge together with private and public corporations.

About the research group