Indoor Health Impacts

Indoor Health Impacts Research Group

Head of research group: Helle Vibeke Andersen

The research group focuses on indoor climate and its impact on the health of the building users.

The research embraces experiments in field and laboratory, intervention experiments, demonstration projects, collection of data and experiences together with verification and development of theories and formulas.

The group has expertise in thermal comfort, air quality, mycology, chemistry, moisture problems and user behaviour.

The research is interdisciplinary with the overall purpose of indoor climate being as supportive to health and well-being as possible. The focus is to prevent and remedy mould growth and other moisture-related problems in buildings, chemical substances such as Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB) and other volatile and semi-volatile substances and support user behaviour that promotes a healthy indoor climate.

Among others, the research come to use by the construction practitioners, authorities and other researchers. The group possess experiences and skills to disseminate knowledge to practitioners and building users.

About the research group