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About the centre

In 2009, the Strategic Research Centre on Zero Energy Buildings was established at Aalborg University by a grant from the Danish Council for Strategic Research (DSF), the Programme Commission for Sustainable Energy and Environment, and in cooperation with the Technical University of Denmark, Danish Technological Institute, Danfoss A/S, Velux A/S, Saint Gobain Isover A/S, and The Danish Construction Association, the section of aluminium facades. The centre is led by professor Per Heiselberg, Department of Civil Engineering.

ZEB's background

The energy consumption of buildings accounts for 40% of the total energy consumption in Denmark (and EU), however, at the same time the building sector has a documented cost-effective saving potential of up to 80%, which can be effected over the next 40 years.

The purpose of the centre is through development of integrated, intelligent technologies for the buildings, which ensure considerable energy conservations and optimal application of renewable energy, to develop zero energy building concepts. In cooperation with the industry, the centre will create the necessary basis for a long-term sustainable development in the building sector.

Based on the rapid progress within material technology, information technology and sensor technology, in an interdisciplinary environment new intelligent building components and building systems will be developed, that are able to adapt their function and characteristics in proportion to the current need, to the users’ behaviour, and to the renewable energy production, and in that way to eliminate both the need of fossil fuel and fulfil the users’ demands on the function and the indoor environment of the building.

In the development of zero energy building concepts for new and existing buildings emphasis is placed on finding the optimal balance between energy savings and renewable energy production in the building in interaction with energy supply system, so that the total resources are utilised best possible.

In this way the centre will contribute considerably to the government's and EU’s energy policy as regards sustainable development, ability to compete and security of supply. 

Advisory Board


Peter Bach Danish Energy Agency
Niels Buus Varming Danish Energy Agency
Søren Rise Tekniq
Per Thomas Dahl Dansk Byggeri
Kristine van het Erve Grunnet DI Byggematerialer
Kim Mortensen Dansk Fjernvarme
Søren Dyck-Madsen Det Økologiske Råd
Lennie Clausen Realdania
Elly Kjems Hove Dansk Industri
Bygherrer, boligselskaber  
Jørgen Søndermark Realea
Poul Erik Christoffersen Kuben Byg A/S
Rådgivende ingeniører  
Henrik Sørensen henrikāˆ™innovation
Reto Hummelshøj COWI
Lars Kvist Arkitema
Gudrun Schack Østergaard Friis & Moltke
Lone Wiggers C.F. Møllers Tegnestue
Troels Dam Madsen Henning Larsen A/S
Torben Andersen Nilan
Eirik Bjørn DOVISTA
Henning Grønbæk Exhausto A/S
Thorbjørn Sørensen Middelfart Kommune
Lars Højensgård Kolding Kommune
Merete Dissing Pedersen Kolding Kommune

Steering committee

  • Per Heiselberg (Head of the centre)
    Department of Civil Engineering, AAU
  • Anna Marszal (Scientific secretary)
    Department of Civil Engineering, AAU
  • Svend Svendsen
    Department of Civil Engineering, DTU
  • Søren Østergaard Jensen
    Section of cooling and heat pump technique, DTI
  • Søren Aggerholm
    Energy and environment, SBi
  • Mary-Ann Knudstrup
    Department of Architecture & Design, AAU
  • Susanne Højholt
    Saint Gobain Isover A/S
  • Peter C Andersen
    Danfoss A/S
  • Karsten Duer
    Velux Danmark A/S
  • Jonas Møller
    The Danish Construction Association, the section of aluminium facades
  • Mette Rude