The strategic centre for Zero Energy Buildings (ZEB)

Strategic Research for energy-neutral construction (ZEB) is to develop integrated, intelligent technologies for buildings, which ensures significant energy savings and optimal use of renewable energy. The center will work with the industry to deliver the necessary basis for long-term sustainable development in construction.

The development of energy-neutral building concepts for new and existing buildings focuses on finding the optimal balance between energy saving and renewable energy production in construction in interaction with the energy system so that the total resources used to best effect.

Inconnection with the development of zero energy building, the research centre has formed a definition for this type of building. 

Definition of the indoor environmental quality

A good indoor climate is very important for zero energy building. Therefore, the research centre has defined methods and procedures for description and evaluation of the indoor environmental quality in new and existing residencies and office buildings. 

Report on indoor environmental quality


SmartZEB brings the building and the grid perspectives together in a new building evaluation framework, which enables design of an energy optimized building that intelligently interacts with the energy distribution system.

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