PhD defence by Lijia Long

PhD defence by Lijia Long

Lijia will defend her PhD thesis "Quantification of the Value of Monitoring Information for Deteriorated Structures". All are welcome.


29.06.2021 kl. 15.00 - 19.00



You are the infrastructure owner, you are responsible to ensure the safety of the infrastructures. You are facing the challenges to make decisions every day. But you are not sure, when to do the maintenance? Is it worthy to do monitoring? Which SHM techniques to choose? Where to install the sensors? What actions to take?
This thesis has developed a new framework to let your investment be worthy, through quantification of the value of monitoring information for deteriorated structures to find the optimal strategies with the highest value. The framework is based on the Bayesian decision theory utilizing the decision tree tools, structural and monitoring system reliability analysis with probabilistic modelling, cost and benefit analysis considering the consequences modelling.
In the end, a value of information-based decision guideline will be provided and you will get to know whether to do the monitoring, when to do the monitoring, and when to do the maintenance. So that you will be able to reduce risk, reduce cost, increase the service life benefits for the value of industry and society, and achieve the sustainability of the world.


  • Assoc. Prof. Lars Damkilde (chairperson), Aalborg University
  • Prof. Michael D. Todd, University of California San Diego
  • Prof. Alan O’Connor, Trinity College Dublin


  • Supervisor, Prof. John Dalsgaard Sørensen, Dept. of the Built Environment, Aalborg University
  • Co-supervisor, Prof. Sebastian Thöns, Lund University


  • Assoc. Prof. Jannie Jannie Sønderkær Nielsen, Dept. of the Built Environment, Aalborg University


Civil Engineering


15:00         Welcome by moderator

15:05         Lecture and presentation by Ph.D. student

15:50         Break
During the break, participants can email questions to the moderator, Jannie Sønderkær Nielsen, who will present these questions after the Q&A session with the assessment committee.

16:00         Q&A session with the assessment committee

18:00         End of defence
The assessment committee enters another “room”, evaluates and writes the final assessment.

18:45         The assessment committee re-joins the “Defence room” and announces its decision.

19:00         End of event


The PhD defence will be carried out online via Zoom: 

Meeting ID: 693 8627 7660
Passcode: 287031


For a copy of the thesis, please send an email to

See invitation in PDF format


Department of the Built Environment, Aalborg University

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