Quality assurance, evaluation and employer panel

Quality and employability

We work determinedly with the maintenance and further development of a high quality in our study programmes.

All study programmes are research-based and characterized by great relevance and employability in correlation with the surrounding society. Active researchers conduct the teaching, in close relation to the surrounding society in order to keep it always relevant and up to date. This will reinforce that the finished candidates’ competencies and knowledge are consistent with the needs and expectations of the surrounding society.   

Teaching methods and form of learning are continuously developed and reimagined.

Study programme evaluation

There is a continuous work with ensuring the highest quality of the study programmes. The quality assurance is conducted at both teaching and study programme levels.

Employer panel

The head of studies establishes an employer panel, which consists of external members who collectively must have experience in and insight into the study area and the employment areas to which the studies provide access.

The purpose of the employer panel is, according to the university regulations, to ensure a systematic dialogue between the studies and the employers about qualification requirements in the candidates’ job market. As such, there is also a continuous and systematic quality assurance of the studies at the university. The employer panel consists of up to 12 external members and a chairperson. The chairperson of the study board is chairperson of the employer panel ex officio.