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Employer panel

Employer panel

The head of studies establishes an employer panel, which consists of external members who collectively must have experience in and insight into the study area and the employment areas to which the studies provide access.

The purpose of the employer panel is, according to the university regulations, to ensure a systematic dialogue between the studies and the employers about qualification requirements in the candidates’ job market. As such, there is also a continuous and systematic quality assurance of the studies at the university. The employer panel consists of up to 12 external members and a chairperson. The chairperson of the study board is chairperson of the employer panel ex officio.

Members of employer panel at the study board for Civil Engineering

  • Kristen Nørgaard — Civilingeniør — Cowi A/S
  • Morten Steen Sørensen — Civilingeniør, Erhvervsforsker — Aalborg Forsyning, Kloak A/S
  • Torben Poulsen — Rektor — Aalborghus Gymnasium
  • Kristian Birch Pedersen — Direktør — Exigo
  • Trine Bunton — Afdelingsleder — Rambøll
  • Henrik Ryberg — Medejer, Civilingeniør, IPMA-B certificeret projektleder — MBA Emcon a/s
  • Flemming Mogensen — Forretningschef — Byggeri Nord Niras
  • Jacob Birk Jensen — Ekspertisechef, Ph.D., civilingeniør — Watson C
  • Peter Risegaard Jakobsen — Afdelingsleder — Vejdirektoratet
  • Morten Dalsgaard — Afdelingsleder — Byggeri Rambøll, Aalborg
  • Jens Rebsdorf-Gregersen — Senior Director — North Sea Rambøll, Esbjerg