Coorporation on research, laboratory experiments, reports, etc.

The Department of the Built Environment gives high priority to collaboration with public authorities, companies, across sectors, and with other research institutions. We can offer to cooperate on the following activities.

  • As companies and organizations, you can find competent feedback and use your own cases in student project work in the areas of e.g. construction, water, environment, and transport.
  • We can also secure students for internships in your company or organization. Contact us if necessary to discuss this.
  • In addition, we make professional arrangements in which our researchers present the latest knowledge in an area. The Department of the Built Environment holds recurring courses on SBi guidelines, and we also have professional days on traffic areas and building physics, for example.
  • Our research collaborations ensure that companies, public authorities, and the sectors are constantly aware of the latest and best knowledge. We have several possible organizations for this. Feel free to contact us so we can discuss how your company can collaborate with Aalborg University.
  • Get highly qualified feedback and advice from one of our researchers for your company. If your company lacks knowledge about a highly topical area, such as energy efficiency, you can learn it at the Department of the Built Environment and Aalborg University. Our researchers visit larger companies and interested organizations to engage in dialogue with employees about the latest developments and research in a given field.
  • We are happy to participate in large joint applications nationally and at the EU level.
  • We are happy to solve government tasks and make our knowledge available to ministries, governments, regions, and municipalities on climate-friendly agendas, particularly in the areas of water, environment, transport, and construction.
  • We also provide feedback and advice to the sector and industry on housing and construction. In addition, we would like to be part of expert groups and commissions.

Contact regarding coorporation


For coorporation related to education, please contact deputy head of education: 


For coorporation related to research, please contact deputy head of research: 

Research-based consultancy

For cooporation related to advisory tasks for ministries and government agencies, please contact deputy head of research-based consultancy: